Digital Culture  

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As a starting point for this CPD initiative, and in order to ensure we have a clear understanding of current levels of digital competency across the workforce, we're asking all teaching staff to complete the Jisc Discovery Evaluation Tool.


Watch the video below for an overview of JISC's Digital Capability programme.







How to complete the Discovery Tool:




  • Select 'Middlesbrough College' from the drop-down Organisation menu.

  • Enter your personal details and then navigate to the 'Question Bank' via the menu on the left hand side of the screen.




  • FE teachers, LSAs and apprenticeship classroom delivery staff should complete the 'Teaching in FE and Skills' question set. 

  • HE teachers should complete the 'Teaching in HE' question set.

  • Completing additional question sets is optional, but highly recommended.

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  • Once you've completed the question set/s, you can download your 'Report' as a PDF.

  • Click the small PDF icon that appears in the top right hand corner of the report (as shown in the red square in the image above.)​

  • You will also be able to claim your 'Digital Badge' by clicking on the link provided

How to complete the Discovery Tool:

Based on areas of least proficiency, and considering elements most relevant to their role, staff will have the opportunity throughout the year to focus on developing skills in those areas that will benefit them the most in their role.

The different sized bar graph elements illustrated in the report will help you visualise your current level of competency. The larger the bar the more competent you are in that element.


The report records levels of competency at three different levels:

  • Developing

  • Capable

  • Proficient

The system automatically ‘pushes’ appropriate you resources to use to improve particular areas. This makes it very easy for you to ‘visually map’ your improvement in individual skills across the year.

All teachers (including apprenticeship classroom delivery staff) should focus on developing the following  elements:

  • Digital communication

  • Digital collaboration

  • Digital teaching

  • Digital learning

  • Digital creation


Implementation, Criteria & Incentives:

The DIGITAL CULTURE CPD initiative will be delivered in 2-phases:

PHASE 1 (from June 2020):
CPD will focus on:

  • Enhancing understanding of what constitutes effective planning, design and delivery of online learning

PHASE 2 (from September 2020 onwards):

CPD will focus on:

  • Developing the ability to select and utilise a wide range of digital tools within specific VLE platforms (E.G. Canvas; Microsoft Teams; etc...)

To motivate and incentivise staff during their CPD journey, completion of activities will lead to the achievement of a number of micro-credentials. Once each badge level (see below) has been achieved, staff are able to work towards achieving the next level.

CRITERIA - Digital Explorer

Complete EITHER:


Explorer_B_2 (1).png

CRITERIA - Digital Pioneer

Complete the JISC Discovery Tool 'Effective Online Teaching' question set

Begin working  towards selected modules from:

Pioneer_S_2 (1).png

CRITERIA - Digital Innovator

  • Successfully complete all modules within chosen pathway

  • Share your good practice within department and/or across College

  • Retake JISC Discovery Tool to evidence progress

Innovator_G_2 (1).png