An ongoing programme of Digital CPD and training for all College staff


Following the introduction of ‘lock-down’ measures in mid-March, Middlesbrough College staff have taken huge strides forward in improving their understanding and delivery of remote working practices and continued online delivery to students. Moving forward, even as ‘lock-down’ measures begin to ease across the country, it is apparent that a substantial proportion of delivery will need to remain online and remote working practices may need to continue, particularly during the first term of the new academic year.

However, leading organisations have recently highlighted the need for education institutions to better prepare teaching and support staff for what they describe as the inevitable transition from:

Remote emergency delivery


authentic Active Blended Learning

In order to ensure teachers, apprenticeship staff, learning support assistants and business support staff have the skills to successfully design and support meaningful online teaching and learning, and continue to develop productive (remote) working practices, from  June 2020 on wards, all staff will undertake a defined programme of mandatory Digital CPD called DIGITAL CULTURE 2.0

Watch the video below for an overview. Check out the Digital Culture 2.0 blog post for dates of launch events.


The structure of the CPD activity is based on the Jisc Capabilities Framework, which is organised into six core activities, containing 15 essential elements, specifically:


Capture 3.PNG

Click the links below to read more about the specific Digital Culture 2.0 activities for different groups of staff.