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IT Requirements and Resources 

  • The College VDI system allows staff to log onto the College IT network from home. To do this you'll need to install software on your home computer or laptop, which is available as a free download on the following link: 


  • Once you've installed the client software suitable for your computer or laptop start the program and enter as the server address. Clicking on the STAFF - Teaching and Business Support icon will start a VDI session where you can login using your normal College login details. 

  • If you have any difficulty please contact the Service Desk on Ext 3444, or email 

  • Here are the System Requirements for using the VDI 


Accessing Teams on your device


To access the web version of Teams navigate to using a supported browser*.

From there sign in with your college assigned number with the suffix E.g. –

Followed by your password to access the college systems.

Once logged into office online click the “All apps” button and select teams from the available products.


* This service is supported on "Microsoft Edge 12+, Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 47.0+, and Chrome 51.0+.
Apple Safari browser support isn't available.